Are You Ready To:

*Get questions you have about your life answered?

*Gain new insight for what is coming up in your life or business?

*Understand blockages to moving forward and how to move past them?

*Connect with Spirit and/or loved ones who have passed and have a message for you?

*Receive encouragement, hope, closure and healing?

Any of the above may be a part of your Intuitive Reading!

We offer: 

-Single session Intuitive Readings of 30 minutes or more

-A monthly subscription for a 30 minute Intuitive Reading at a discounted rate

-A monthly subscription for a combo Intuitive Reading, BodyTalk session and email coaching support for consistent growth

For more details on our monthly subscriptions see Pricing.

Your Intuitive Reading Includes:

A 30 Minute Intuitive Reading (Live on Zoom or over the phone)

Pre-reading tune in to receive insight & messages to share with you during your reading

A recording of the Intuitive Reading emailed to you