BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healthcare and addresses issues and symptoms on all levels; body, mind and spirit. Bodytalk helps the body recover from pain and stress and supports the body in achieving its optimal level of health.

Think of the body as an orchestra. When all the instruments are in tune and playing together in harmony a beautiful sound is produced. The body’s ability to function as a whole is similar. When each part and system are in sync and in tune with each other, healing will take place automatically.

When we are stressed, breakdowns in communication within the body begin to occur which leads to a person experiencing symptoms and illness. When we experience symptoms, it is usually our body’s final attempt at telling us that something needs attention. It is its way of crying out for help.

BodyTalk uses the body’s own innate wisdom to determine where these areas of breakdown in communication are and by using specific techniques, communication is then restored. The body then facilitates the healing process naturally and on its own.  For example, when a person cuts their finger, they do not have to consciously ‘fix’ the issue. The body’s innate wisdom, or inborn knowledge, knows what needs to happen in order to heal the cut finger with the correct steps and timing. We don’t even have to think about it. Our body just does it! We truly are wonderfully designed!

BodyTalk considers the whole story of the person which is vitally important to the healing process. In doing this, The BodyTalk System is truly providing a holistic approach to health.