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"I recently tested positive for Covid-19 and was feeling my worst. I had no energy, was having trouble breathing and was very congested. As I laid in bed, I felt hopeless and worried that I wasn’t getting better. I reached out to Crystal and she did a session with me over the phone. Several physical aspects including my lungs and digestive system were addressed and I also had a significant emotional release related to past issues.  After the session I was able to breathe with ease. I felt a huge weight was lifted from me and I was more clear-headed. Over the next couple of days, I felt much better, to the point that I didn’t even need to have a nap. Instead, I did some baking! Each day, I feel better and better and I know there is nothing holding me back from living my life. Not even Covid-19!"

Shirley, Recreation Aide For Seniors

Anxiety About Surgery

“I was going in for surgery and decided to have a BodyTalk session with Crystal the day before. The focus of the session was on having a calm mind, calm emotions and a calm body. The morning of the surgery came and I felt calm and at peace. I was more concerned about getting the surgery over with than having the surgery itself. In the past I would have been more concerned with having the actual surgery. Everything went well, and thankfully, there were no complications. I would recommend that anyone struggling with fear or anxiety of any kind, see Crystal for BodyTalk. She has a special and effective way of helping people deal with these difficult times.”

Daniel, Farrier

Insomnia, Pain and Headaches

"I have seen Crystal several times for individual Body Talk sessions. She has helped me with pain, headaches, and insomnia. I have nothing but positive things to say about our work together. With her knowledge and intuition, there is an ease and flow to our sessions.  I greatly value our time together. I highly recommend Crystal for all sorts of imbalances. I trust her completely. Please consider working with her!"

Dr. Leslie Deems, DACM, LAc

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes...

"I started having distance BodyTalk sessions with Crystal last May. I have struggled with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, thyroid issues, severe back pain after several surgeries, diabetes, anxiety and panic attacks for many years. After my first session I felt very relaxed and calm. That night when I went to bed I slept for over 6 hours straight which was unusual for me because normally I slept very little each night and woke up every hour. Upon waking I felt really good and was refreshed for the first time in years! Later that day I noticed that my mood was better than usual and that I had a significant increase in my energy levels. I had no pain for over 24 hours and no need for any pain medication which had never happened before!

The items that have come up in our sessions have been accurate and insightful and I have been able to release issues from the past in safe space without judgment. My journey of health and healing has been challenging but I look forward to each session with Crystal as I am experiencing positive results. Crystal is caring and thorough and I feel confident in her as my BodyTalk practitioner."

Denise, Business Owner

Released Trauma and Improved Relationships

“At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect from BodyTalk but I was pleasantly surprised! My BodyTalk sessions with Crystal have given me increased focus and have been a source of renewal for me. In the past I held a lot inside and I struggled to open up about things. BodyTalk has helped me let go of emotions and past trauma in a healthy way. Each time I go, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My relationship with my wife has improved considerably. I have been able to grow closer to her and I feel more secure in my ability to communicate with her.  I also feel that I have grown spiritually, and I am thankful I tried BodyTalk.”

Dan, Farrier (Blacksmith)

A Better Version Of Myself!

“I've received distance sessions from Crystal and all have been amazing! Her sessions are comfortable and convenient, and she has the same perception as if we're in the same room! She creates a safe space to bring balance to my mind, body and spirit. Crystal has helped me in my health journey to become a better version of myself, and I am so grateful.“

Anissa, Registered Nurse

Schitzophrenia, Psychosis and Improved Mental Health

“I started having BodyTalk sessions with Crystal about 6 months ago mainly because I needed help working through some long-standing issues related to a mental illness I was diagnosed with approximately 14 years ago. Over the years I have had bouts of psychosis, paranoia, and hallucinations. I was moody and would often withdraw and isolate myself from others. During times of psychosis I would be easily agitated and paranoid particularly regarding the people I loved and cared about the most.

After each BodyTalk session I had a breakthrough which has been so encouraging.

Some of the results I have had from BodyTalk sessions are:

*More confidence and increased self-esteem

*I’m happier and have less anxiety

*Mental and emotional healing

*Clarity and more positive thinking

*Not feeling so overwhelmed by my thoughts

*More good days than bad days

*A significant decrease in the length of time in paranoia and psychosis (I am noticing and more often am able to put a stop to what is triggering the paranoia and psychosis. I haven’t been able to do that before)

*My relationships are healthier

*I am learning to communicate in a calm manner

*My breathing cycle has improved significantly and is less labored

*I’ve had a decrease in pain levels.

I know I still have a ways to go but I feel like I can get on with my life and that I can look forward to my future. Each time I have a session with Crystal I feel lighter, energized and more clear-headed. Crystal has a calming effect on me and she has a professional and warm demeanor. I look forward to more sessions and more breakthroughs!”


Powerful Sessions and A Caring Practitioner

“Crystal is a phenomenal body talker. She was able to get so much detail on me and my children during our distance sessions, which made them more powerful. She is also a very caring practitioner. I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.”

Yvette, Teacher

Felt The Changes Immediately

"Crystal is a natural intuitive, an excellent listener, and has found her calling as a BodyTalk practitioner. I felt the shifts and changes immediately after my sessions with her and she really demonstrated her commitment to my health with her follow-through emails.  She has a big heart and warm personality, and I think this makes it easier to feel comfortable and create the space for healing. Thank you, Crystal!"

Linda Marlene Eales, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and IBSC - Improved Energy Levels

"I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and IBSC. These limitations have caused stress and many cycles of depression over the years to the point of losing passion for what I do. Since starting BodyTalk, I have noticed a difference in my perspective on life, have had more energy and feelings of passions reignited. I still struggle with energy at times and need wisdom, but I'm so grateful for the differences that seemed like mountains before."

Anna, Teacher and Ministry Leader

Crohns Disease, Stress Overload and Releasing the Past

"Crystal has been great at being able to assist me in getting to the root of my ailments rather than using pain medication to put a band-aid on the the problem. I have some health issues that include crohns disease, stress overload, depression and insomnia. After doing some research I found that BodyTalk could help address my issues naturally.

After my first session, my stress level and depression went down considerably and I was no longer yelling at my kids over little stuff like spilling things or making a mess. I started sleeping through the night and felt refreshed when I woke up. After 3 weeks I did another session to help with some hip and shoulder discomfort I was experiencing. During the session I realized I was carrying negative stress from my childhood. It brought up some old memories related to not being worthy or good enough. I realize now, after dealing with the emotional baggage, that it had been affecting me for years. After my session, the pain and discomfort in the hip and shoulder subsided. I now have a new awareness of my mental and physical state and can see how interconnected my body and mind are.

Shelley, Mother & Student

Anxiety Is No Longer Controlling My Son's Life!

"I would like to share a raving review of the work Crystal has done with my son. Levi is 11 and a half. Back around April 2020 he started experiencing what appeared to be mild anxiety when school was shut down. In addition to this, I am a single mom and work in health care and Levi was struggling more and more. He was unable to put in words the full extent of how he was feeling. His symptoms were overwhelming panic, severe abdominal pain, bowel issues as well as a sense of losing emotional control over his life. It was even worse just to leave the house to go to the store as it was too much for him. I'm happy to report that, after Crystal started working with my son, within the first two sessions things started to change. I am so pleased to share that Levi is now attending school full time and has gotten his stomach issues under control 95 percent of the time. He is facing each day with a calm demeanor and has once again reclaimed his great sense of well-being.

The most exciting challenge he recently overcame was a trip to the dentist. Even prior to all this he was a bit apprehensive but after Crystal worked with him by doing a special technique, he was the calmest he's ever been. I would highly recommend Crystal to anyone who is experiencing any type of anxiety or overwhelming emotional distress at any age. It's been a life-changer for my son and I. Thanks Crystal, for all you've done and the tremendous difference you've made in our family."

Barb, Mother & Care Aid For Seniors

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