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A distance BodyTalk session is basically the same as an in person session. Instead of the session being done in person, however, it’s facilitated from a distance. Oftentimes the appointment will be conducted by phone or a video conference service such as Zoom or Skype. But in some instances when the client & Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) have difficulty coordinating schedules due to large differences in time zones, for example, the CBP will make an audio recording of the session & email the session to the client. The client can then listen to the session at their convenience.


Same as an in-person session, the CBP will usually begin by asking about your health & wellness history either in a written format or verbally. They’ll also ask what your primary complaints are & help you to clarify what you would like the optimal outcome of your session(s) to be.

When it’s time to receive the session, approach it exactly as if you were with the CBP in person at their office. Sit down or lie down. Make yourself comfortable. You can listen to the session on speaker or with earbuds/headphones on. Close your eyes & relax.

Keep in mind that every CBP has their own practice style & way of doing things. But there typically isn’t much to see or do during a session. One thing you will need to do, however, is the tapping on your head, breast bone & belly which helps to reinforce the subtle energetic tapping the CBP is doing from a distance. Your practitioner will lead you through that process.

Most CBPs have taken a course offered by the International BodyTalk Association called MindScape. This class is open to the general public. But many practitioners attend MindScape because it teaches simple skills for enhancing creative outside-the-box thinking, improving mental focus & strengthening intuition - all of which are important for facilitating distance BodyTalk sessions.

The CBP will then use these MindScape (or similar) skills to focus on your bodymind. Just as during an in-person appointment, they’ll “ask” your body which areas are a priority to be addressed & which techniques are necessary. They may ask you to participate by contacting certain areas of your body & eventually they’ll ask you to do the tapping on your head, breast bone & belly. This continues until your body indicates it’s time to end the session.


To be perfectly honest, nobody knows. One reason science has had difficulty proving the efficacy of distance healing using BodyTalk or other modalities is because it’s operating outside the realm of classical physics. Instead it’s using concepts from modern physics such as quantum entanglement which come from quantum physics and working with the idea that consciousness is the substrate of all things. These phenomenon which defy the limitations of time & space have been replicated time & again in laboratory studies. And they are so puzzling that even scientists are left scratching their heads in dismay. Even they have a difficult time explaining what they see happening with their own eyes.

But if we were to provide a simplified explanation, we could say that everything is energy. And in BodyTalk we’d say everything is consciousness. When you deconstruct anything physical, you end up with molecules, atoms, subatomic particles & ultimately, frequencies of energy. Every thing & every person has a unique frequency the same as every radio or television station has its own unique frequency. Using their MindScape skills & training, the CBP is then able to “tune in” to your unique energy frequency, access the information necessary to conduct your BodyTalk session & facilitate healing.

In a sense this is no different to sending an email or making a phone call. You have an email & phone number which are specific to you. And anyone with that information can contact you from anywhere on the planet as long as they have that information and the skills & technology to do so. In the case of distance BodyTalk sessions, the skills & technology are MindScape, intuition, and the CBPs training, experience & expertise with the BodyTalk system protocol & procedures.


In short, yes. Both clinical experience & client feedback have shown that distance BodyTalk sessions can be just as effective as sessions done in person. In addition, a peer-reviewed research study focusing specifically on distance BodyTalk sessions was published in the Journal of Pain Management demonstrating the effectiveness of distance BodyTalk in helping people suffering from chronic pain, depression & anxiety. And Certified BodyTalk Practitioners & their clients have observed noticeable improvements in all aspects of health - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual - using distance BodyTalk sessions. If you're interested in reading more about distant healing, one good resource is the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)


You do not need to believe in distance BodyTalk sessions for them to work. However, believing in them & keeping an open mind definitely helps. Think of your mind as a receiving station for information. If your mind is closed, resistant or highly doubtful, it will be less receptive to the energy of the session. But if you keep an open mind & acknowledge that anything is possible - because after all, we’re constantly discovering, evolving & revising our understanding of how the world works - then your mind will be more receptive to the session and therefore more likely to experience benefits.

Article by Ben Malano, Advanced BodyTalk Instructor and Practitioner

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