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What are transcendence activation codes? 

Transcendence Activation Codes (TAC’s) are specific frequencies that relate to bringing balance, healing, growth, optimum wellness of body, soul and spirit and opening up one’s consciousness (awareness), helping them remember who they are and their gifts and abilities. These codes are significant in that they lay a new blueprint overtop of the epigenetic landscape of the bodymind. The epigenetic landscape is the environment that sits overtop of our genes and tells our genes what to do and how to function or not, etc. We all have genes that are not functioning properly due to inherited issues and/or are acquired through our life experiences. Because of this, the genes may be on when they should be off or vice versa. Or, the genes may be functioning on high when they need to be turned down or vice versa. These codes begin to provide a new overlay which transcends the current epigenetic landscape. This in turn, helps to shift the old landscape by releasing what is no longer serving you and by opening up new possibilities for bringing balance and what is needed for optimal health and wellbeing on all levels of the bodymind (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, all levels of consciousness, etc.).

How did these codes come into being?

These codes were given to me by the Pleiadeans during a pivotal time of change in my life in early 2023. During a time of meditation, I heard a voice say to me, “We are going to give you codes for healing and wellbeing.” As I sat there listening, I was given words and then a series of letters, numbers, dashes, dots, etc. that made up the code or frequency for each word. With this came a simple protocol which includes holding a part of the body to assist in activating the code. I began to use the codes and saw some amazing results, balances, enhancements in my own body, mind and spirit. I then had some people try them out also and wow, they too began to experience incredible healing and changes too!

Some examples of what has been reported:

breakthroughs in abundance (money, resources, connections, relationships, wellbeing), improved blood sugar levels, back pain decreased significantly to the point the person stopped taking pain killers, vertigo gone, an increase in intuitive gifts, more joy, clarity and sense of ease and flow. These codes also have helped to gently release trauma in the bodymind, allow in a new sense of peace, perspective and the ability for clients to move forward with greater confidence. The list goes on!

How to choose a bundle or bundles:

There are 300 Transcendence activation codes (...and this list is growing!). All 300 codes have been broken down into bundles of 20 codes each (see below). Crystal's personal recommendation for choosing the codes is to ask your higher self and Source which bundle or bundles you need at this time. Alternatively you can purchase all 300 codes for a pretty sweet discount (more on that below). If choosing a bundle or several bundles, simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask which numbers from 1-15 would be for your highest and best good at this time. Whatever number/s you are most drawn to, that is what you need. Trust what pops in or what you are most drawn to even if it doesn't make sense. Your bodymind knows what you need. :)



Purchase a bundle of 20 for the sale price of just $44 each or purchase all 300 codes for $555 (savings of $105). 5% GST will be added at check out.

You can also request a customized bundle for an added fee of $25. In this case you would share what the issue is, and Crystal would ask Source and guides what codes are needed to assist you with that issue. 

Once your purchase has been made, you will receive your bundle/s of the codes emailed to your inbox within 24 hours. You will receive the codes, the simple protocol to follow (just a few easy steps) when you use the codes along with some info to help you as you use them.

You can always reach out to us if you have any questions about the Transcendence activation codes. 

Please note: We to not guarantee the outcome or results of these codes. They will do what is needed in the body as you use them but results vary from person to person.

See bundles below...​​

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More to come! Watch this space!

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