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Practical tips and tools to help you handle the real reality of stress

During this session you will:  

-Learn practical tips and tools to feel hopeful and not stuck 

-Re-gain control knowing you can do something about your stress 

-Be able to calm your nervous system and decrease the stress response in your body and mind naturally 

-Be able to reduce brain fog and improve clarity of mind, memory and concentration 

-Be able to initiate the healing process in your body more rapidly 

Warning! This is NOT a one-hour motivational live event (or Zoom call) where you feel good for a few hours only to feel you're left holding the bag again. This session will have lasting results.  

This is a restorative approach from the inside out that is sustainable, practical and it will have an immediate positive result on you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This is a foundational session with regard to addressing stress challenges such as chronic pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, digestive issues, concentration, motivation and energy levels.  

If you feel you already have optimal health, this will also serve as a preventative measure as you never know when unexpected stress may rear its ugly head in the form of illness, mental health issues, economic struggle, job loss or the stress of those you love.  


“At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised! Improved physical, mental and emotional health has been part of this amazing experience." D.M.  

​"I am so happy because the pain has stopped and it is not bothering me anymore!" L.D. 

“I had a terrible migraine for several days. I did the technique Crystal showed me four times a day and my migraine went away.” M.G. 

“This has helped to slow my ADHD brain down quickly and to manage my emotions better.” J.J. 

“I shared this with an employee who was very stressed out and having a lot of physical problems. She is already feeling better!” A.M 

“My husband has been using what I learned to help his mother who has mental health issues. She is much more alert, is more energetic and eating well now.” A.M 

Presentation Topics: About


*From Surviving To Thriving:

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*Mindfulness: Finding simplicity in our complex world

*Messages From The Body: What your aches and pains are telling you

*Selfcare: Tips and tricks to make caring for yourself easier

All presentations and workshops can be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Presentation Topics: About
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