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Have you ever wanted to have your soul language (aka light language) activated? Or perhaps you’ve had it activated before but you haven’t been using it or could use some more encouragement in releasing it on a regular basis? Maybe you’d like to reconnect more deeply and practice in a safe, non-judgmental space? If any of these resonate with you then this session/workshop is for you!

Crystal Sayers has been activated and speaking light language since the age of 12 and she uses it on an almost daily basis. Crystal uses her light language for personal and spiritual growth, to increase her own consciousness and awareness, to break through barriers and blockages, to connect with Source and other light beings and as a method of prayer and releasing the deep things of the heart that sometimes cannot be articulated with words, etc. And, so can you!

During this session you will: 
-Learn what light language is and what it can be used for and how it can be of great benefit to you
-Learn how to use your light language to clear and break through blockages in your life

-Hear testimonials and stories about light language and how it has helped people in their everyday lives

-Be activated in using and speaking your own unique light language
-Learn how to easily begin to interpret light language messages
-Receive support after the workshop as needed

Outline of how the activation part of the session will go:
-Some relaxation and light meditation to help position you to be in receiving mode
-Crystal will assist in clearing any blockages to releasing and speaking your light language as needed
-Balancing the chakras and engaging with your Kundalini energy
-Activating your light language using two unique and amazing ways to connect
-Begin interpreting your light language messages
-Support after the session as needed

*Workbook included

Please note: there are some very rare occasions where a person may not be released in speaking their light language. There can be several reasons for this including that the person may not be ready just yet and that is totally ok.

Crystal will do her very best to support you on your journey with light language and she desires to help as many as possible be released into using this wonderful gift!

If you would like to speak with Crystal  about this session before booking (preferred) please book a 20 min complementary consultation. Here is the link:

This is a 1.5-2 hour session done over Zoom. The fee is $199 CDN plus 5% gst ($208.95). Payment is due before or at the time of the appointment (by etransfer or credit card).

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